Supply and Control Unit with Data Acquisition

available in different versions from table-top to IP65 in closed racks

The use of our Supply and Control Units (SCUs) are not limited to our filter tester but can be applied to operate a large variety of installation, e.g. laboratory test rigs of all kind, industrial installations, etc. 

Our software MeLab is a multifunctional tool which allows to operate these installation and also provides complete Data Acquisition and storage.

MeLab is operated with out specific knowledge of programming but by using Protocols and Scripts which require very simple commands only.


 Above: Standard version with industrial PC

- MeLab with Win7 and up

- 16 or 32 A/D channels and 2 or 4 D/A channels using PCI cards by National Instruments

- PCI I/O cards with 16 channels in and out


Customized versions:

up to approx. 90 A/D - 40 D/A - 60 I/O channel

Please ask for details


Below: SCUs with Data Acquisition in IP65 racks for multiple use

left: rack for mobile filter probe                                             right: rack for high temperature rig up to 650 °C

For detailed information

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