Reference Standard Rig

Test rig for cleanable filter media

according to ISO11057:2011

Heated Standard Rig

Heated Filter Tester

according to ISO11057:2011

Dust Feeder

Dust feeding and dispersing unit


Dust feeder

Air jet loaded with dispersed dust

ISO5011 filter unit

Absolute filter for ISO5011 

test bench for quick

weighing and exchange


Concentration Control Module


Retrofit for filter test rig

according to ISO11057:2011

Filter Testing Services

dust-side and clean-gas side

of filter samples

FilTEq - your partner in Filter Testing


  • Testing equipment for cleanable filter media - Reference Test Rig for ISO11057 (includes VDI/DIN3926, ASTM D6830-02)
  • dust-feeding/dispersing systems - Dust Feeder NDF100-BD and NDF100-3FI (for continuous long-time operation)


  • Filter Testing in the laboratory under ambient and high temperature conditions according to
  • ISO11057:2011, VDI/DIN guideline 3926, ASTM D6830-02 "Testing of Filter Media for Cleanable Filters"
  • Filter Testing in field measurements using mobile test-units in filter plants
  • Analysis of filter cleaning systems using quick responding differential pressure transducers


  • Gas Cleaning - Filtration Technology - Dust Removal

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