pm2.5 measurement

Testing of cleanable filter media

Additional equipment (package) for standard or heated version of filter tester


Equiped for PM2.5 measurements

  • using cyclones, e. g. VSCC - Very Sharp Cut Cyclone by BGI Inc.
  • see video about how to mount the pm2.5 cyclone


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Option for fast particle measurement also for low 

Particle Concentration using optical devices

  • Optical Aerosole Spectrometers (OAS)

Using Palas equipment with special certification for optically measured values for pm1, pm2.5, pm4 and pm10



Attaching Palas Promo to Filter Tester

Positioning the sensor near to extraction point


Using splitter of cyclone to connect OAS



Positioning Palas Promo near the sensor


Special nozzle for splitter to adjust to smaller flow of OAS