FilTEq GmbH



we are a spezialized manufacturer and distributor of devices and installations in the field of

gas-cleaning, filtration and measuring systems

also offering services and consulting




manufacturing in Karlsruhe Germany


Testing equipment for cleanable filter media 


Reference Test Rig for ISO11057, VDI/DIN3926 and ASTM D6830-02 

and  related standards


Heated and unheated Test Rigs with the addition of water vapor 

and reactive gases on request


Dust-feeding/dispersing systems Dust Feeder NDF100-BD and NDF100-3FI 

for guaranteed continuous long-time operation, 

incl. laser concentration control system CCM


Stand-alone components, e. g. data acquisition and control systems 

(software and hardware), also as retrofit


Quick responding differential pressure transducers with measuring software 

for analysis of cleaning systems


Manufacturing of customized prototype installations, e. g. pilot filter plants


Retrofit of testing-installations with customized integrated supply-, control- 

and logging-systems


Mobile air-cleaners with HEPA H13 filter and integrated UV-C lamp for degrading germs and virus'




location of testing lab in Karlsruhe Germany


Filter Testing in the laboratory under ambient and high temperature conditions according to ISO 11057:2011, VDI/DIN guideline 3926, ASTM D6830-02

 "Testing of Filter Media for Cleanable Filters"


Filter testing using Aerosol Spectrometers for pm2.5 measurement for 

ASTM D6830-02 tests instead of impactor or cyclone


Calibrating complete testing systems according to given rules in 

ISO 11057, VDI/DIN 3926 and ASTM D6830


Customer-oriented testing - also using Aerosol-Spectrometers for efficiency

testing of various flows and geometries in an EN149 aerosol chamber with

volume flows up to 500 m3/h


Filter Testing in field measurements using mobile test-units in filter plants


Analysis of filter cleaning systems using quick responding differential 

pressure transducers




Gas Cleaning - Filtration Technology - Dust Removal - Filter Testing

Dust Handling, Feeding and Dispersing